Darius Hulea working on wire sculptures

Darius Hulea Creates Fantastic Wire Sculptures


If you can shape material in three dimensions, you can create a sculpture. While some materials are easy to shape, some materials are not suitable for sculpting. Materials suitable for sculpting are wood, stone, metal, ivory, clay, and plaster. Every day, we come across creative sculptures. We have been following Romanian artist Darius Hulea for a while. We would like to inform you about his wire sculptures.



The whole world knows Darius Hulea for his wire sculptures. He uses wires made from stainless steel, iron, brass, and copper. The artist bends wires and creates his eye-catching sculptures. Darius bonds elements of classical and contemporary art. This makes him so special. He uses industrial materials and molds them into portraits of historical figures.


An example of wire Sculture

Darius Hulea


Darius found out that he was interested in art when he was in his hometown. When he was a child, his great-grandmother and grandmother were weaving traditional Romanian fabrics. In addition, his grandfather taught Darius industrial materials. because he was a wood craftsman and worked with agricultural tools. Thus, the artist got inspiration from Romanian folk crafts and industrial equipment. With his childhood experiences, the artist can combine different elements in his wire sculptures.



The artwork of Darius Hulea seems more like contemporary art. But he roots his sculptures in the principles of classical art. When you see his work, you can think that the artist left the wire sculptures unfinished. The metal wires are like strokes of a pencil. The artist converts these wires into 3D forms.




Darius says that he finds metal wires to be a limitless material. Because he can bend, reshape, and alter wires in many ways, Therefore, he feels free with metal wires. According to Dairus Hulea, he draws pictures with metal wires. He goes on exploring and researching Renaissance, mythical, and modern thinking by discovering 3D examples describing now and the past.


Some of the Wire Sculptures of Dairus Hulea