Decoration with Metallic: 7 Steps to Create a Unique and Sophisticated Home

Decoration with Metallic: 7 Steps to Create a Unique and Sophisticated Home


If you are ready to take radical steps in home decoration, get ready! Because we will start decoration with metallic elements. Do not worry; we will not cover your walls and floors with metal plates. We will add chic and elegant elements to create a sophisticated home for you. If you successfully decorate with metallic elements such as silver, gold, copper, or other metals, you will see that you enhance the overall look and atmosphere of your rooms.


Decoration with Metallic: 7 Steps to Create a Unique and Sophisticated Home


Besides, metallic accents are timeless, even if the items look contemporary. We are sure that you will use the accessories or art pieces for years. Just like every decoration trend, decoration with metallic items requires knowledge and taste. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should try to choose smaller and simpler items. When you choose a metallic accent, you can create a complete space. To help you with decoration with metallic elements, we have collected some ideas. Let us discover together!


Decoration with Metallic: 7 Steps to Create a Unique and Sophisticated Home

Make up your mind about the style.

The first step in home decoration never changes. You have to decide on the style you would like to create. For example, you may decorate with metallic elements from the 1960s. Or you can create an industrial look. Therefore, before buying any product, you should be sure of the style or trend you will follow.



Mix finishes.

To create an elegant look, you can try mixing finishes. For example, for the first step of decoration with metallic elements, you can buy an item with a polished version. Later, you can complete it with an antique look or raw metal.


Different rooms, different styles.

You do not need to create a thematic home. You do not need to stick to the same style for every room. For example, in the living room, you can choose modern metallic decorations. But for the bedroom, you may go for a vintage decoration style. Try to be creative in your decoration with metallic elements. You can even combine antique and modern items to create a unique look.


metal coffee table with different styles



Pick your primary finish for decoration with metallic elements.

Many designers suggest that we should select two or at most three tones for each space in our homes. You should create balance in your home. For example, you should combine metal accents such as art pieces, lighting, wallpaper, and others. In addition, you should create a primary finish that will make up about 75 percent of your metallic elements. But keep in mind that you do not have to set a primary finish for every room. If you would like, you do not have to create a focal point at all.


Decorate with metallic elements of different sizes.

As we mentioned above, you should always create balance in your home. Therefore, while choosing different colors and materials, you should consider the sizes of the items you choose. You should not choose items of the same size. Go for mixing styles and dimensions. If you pick items with the same style and size, your home will be boring and weird!


silver vases


Lighting options for metallic decoration.

Decoration with metallic elements can be stepped up with a metallic light fixture. The importance of lighting is determined by the impression it creates. Think about your behavior when you first enter a room. If the lighting fixture is unique, impressive, or chic, you will probably first look at it. Therefore, to create a dramatic effect in your room, you may pick a good-looking metallic lighting fixture. But be sure that other items in the room are not getting all the attention.


Choose metallic fabrics.

You are creating your perfect home decoration with metallic details. If you are not looking for fully metal items, you can pick metallic fabrics. For example, metallic poufs, pillows, or tablecloths can be a good starting point. But of course, you should not overwhelm your place with these fabrics. You can choose one item to cover with metallic fabrics.