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Eco-friendly Art Pieces by Otto Rodriguez

Otto Rodriguez creates a myriad of eco-friendly art pieces created from his own refuse (mostly paper, bottle tops & plastic). He also designs window displays (currently on display at Mayda Cisneros Couture Collection in Coral Gables, Fl.). He has done several large wall pieces made out of magazine inserts (made paper boats out of them) and a lot of things with recycled plastic tops. The two dresses, one is made from recycled plastic tops (the silver wedding dress) and the other is made with recycled magazine inserts and paper (made into paper boats and both have accompanying wall pieces). These two were recently created for a local “high end” dress designer (Mayda Cisneros) in Miami, Florida and were placed as her window displays. The Styrofoam series (called “Styrofoam Blossoms”) was made from recycled Styrofoam cups and the butterflies were made from recycled paper.
Contact artist : [email protected]