EGOE Nestbox Camper Conversion Kit

EGOE Nestbox Camper Conversion Kit

Are you a fan of camping or taking road trips? If so, you can do away with all of the cumbersome extras like tents and sleeping bags and instead invest in a nestbox camper, like this one from EGOE.

In a matter of minutes you can convert an estate car into a camping hub with a cozy kitchen and comfortable sleeping area.

The nestbox is designed for easy storage in your car’s trunk, and consists of a main frame with two small drawers. There’s plenty of space for cookers, water, a fridge, and textile bags, making it the perfect travel companion!

It keeps everything all in one place, eliminating the worry of where to store things like water and other essentials. Plus, after a morning breakfast or a cup of tea you can pack up quickly, move on and spend the next night in a new picturesque location.

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