Rose B Simpson clay sculptures

Enigmatic Clay Sculptures of Rose B Simpson Represent Journey the Artist is on


Rose B Simpson is a renowned artist from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. She works with clay, ceramics, metals, performance, fashion, music, writing, and custom cars. In 2011, the artist received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. She wanted to deepen her education and received another Master of Fine Arts degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Creative Non-Fiction. She exhibits her works across the American continent and the world. She still lives in Santa Clara Pueblo. Rose B Simpson works at her home office and creates perfect and enigmatic clay sculptures.

Rose B Simpson at her workshop

A Journey of Rose B Simpson

If you are interested in sculptures or fine arts, you must have heard about Rose B Simpson. The critics try to see the meaning behind her enigmatic clay sculptures. The artist states on her website that she has experienced the postcolonial and postmodern eras. These eras have their own stereotyping, objectification, and disempowerment of creative selves. With her art, she tries to heal the damage caused by these eras. She uses art as an expression of her psychological and cultural states.


clay sculptures

Over the past 10 years, Rose B Simpson has created clay sculptures to honor Pueblo traditions. You can also observe these traditions and hallmarks in her sculptures. For example, we see sculptures with absent limbs, slit eyes, and desert tones. In an interview, the artist said that her works represent her own journey. At some level, she needed to transform her own reality. Besides all, every single mark on her clay sculptures represents something. For example, the Xs on the sculptures represent protection. In addition, she observes these “Xs” as she processes the journey. The last fun fact about her art is that she uses beads or marks in a line with a specific number. For example, she uses these marks to represent seven generations, seven directions, or seven months of the year. Lastly, these marks represent the journey she is on.




human figures made of clay