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17 Exceptional Designs That Make Urban Life Practical and Fun

We know how gray and boring life can be in the city. That’s exactly why we’ve compiled the designs that every city needs!

1. This traffic light on the sidewalk is made for pedestrians who can’t handle their heads on the phone. 👏

2. Smoke from your cigarette will only hurt you.

3. Japan has now turned disused phone booths into huge aquariums.

4. Typewriter bench!

5. Colorful basketball court in Paris.

6. Imagine now there is a rest and sleep in the middle of the street…

7. Elderly citizens can give pedestrians the green light for longer to cross the id card.

8. A great meeting place where travellers can meet in common and prevent them from getting lost.

9. A hat for everyone!

10. You can shop easily without the sun problem.

11. Because suddenly you can suppress the desire to read a book…

12. Hey girls, do you like this ?

13. Bicycle parking area that takes up very little space.

14. It’s a way to sit on a couch and watch movies. You’re standing up for the cinema in Guimarães, Portugal.

15.Is the bus late :D?

16. Every children need this!

17. Tired of walking, you want to rest a little…