Fabulous Twister Restaurant


With an interior designed by Sergey Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko, this two-story restaurant is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. The inspiration of the designers for the dining area seems to be rain and probably tornadoes since the upper story has some balconies, in which clients can dine, that seem to be tornado-shaped. The sticks can be seen covering the walls and ceiling in the bar area, inspiring the viewer that “calm after the storm” feeling. The chairs in the bar area look like some comfortable tufted cones, plus they are a nice solution for extra seating. The lights also help with the rain feeling, because the fixtures are hovering at various heights resembling raindrops. Also, the chairs at the tables are designed with round lines that remind the eye of those raindrops. The colors used in the entire restaurant are warm, earthy colors that offer the guests a comforting and calm feeling while relaxing and taking their meals. Enjoy!





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