Foldavan Lightweight Folding Bicycle Caravan


The Foldavan from Wooden Widget was designed to be cheap to build, aerodynamic and light. This makes it very easy to transport, especially when it is attached to the back of your bike. Its tight turning circle allows you to smoothly navigate winding country roads. What’s more, as the width of the Foldavan only measures 60cm (which is the average width of most handlebars) when being towed, you won’t have to worry about bumping into things or getting stuck.

Once you reach your campsite, the Foldavan takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. When fully unfolded, it measures 1 metre wide so it can fit 2 people lying down with enough headroom to sit up comfortably at one end. Both sides of the camper can be unzipped so you can really feel at one with nature. This feature also comes in handy during transport to allow heavy winds to pass through the caravan and not blow it over. Alternatively, if you feel like staying indoors there’s a convenient window on both sides so you can look out at the view or stargaze at night. You can even customize the pattern and fabric on the inside of the Foldavan to really make it feel like your own unique living space.

The Foldavan has 3 different modes: Stow, Road and Camping mode. So when you’re ready to pack up, simply fold the caravan back from camping mode to road mode and ride on home. Once you have returned, you can further compress the Foldavan into Stow mode, measuring just 21cm wide, to slide it away in a garage or inside your house. The Foldavan also fits most car roof racks while in Stow mode, making it easy to take anywhere by car as well as by bicycle.