Frozen Peas Shaped Ice Mold


Want to make giant ice balls in your home freezer with minimal effort? The Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold is a creative product that will allow you to easily do that. Besides looking and being extra cool the mold is created of silicone making it easy to handle and fill. The spheres will melt 80% slower than regular cube shaped ice, so it’s time to say goodbye to quick melting because these spheres will not water down your drink as quickly. One silicon mold makes 3 ice balls and each ball is approx 1.75″ diameter. This product can be a great gift, especially in summer. The product was designed by Alessandro Martorelli for Suck UK and did we mention that the silicone rubber does not support microbiological growth and is non-stick? Be ready to impress a friend or a guest with this creative peas shaped ice mold.Available here.