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How to Choose a Rug in 6 Steps

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Home decoration is a long process that can be both exciting and frustrating. Choosing furniture, and small accessories, and buying new items for our homes feels perfect. But when it comes to choosing rugs, everyone stops for a while. Because most of us do not know how to choose a rug that will fit with furniture, hardwood, accessories, etc. The right rug will make your room feel fresher, cozier, and warmer. But if you make the wrong decision, every time you see the rug you have bought, you will think that you wasted your money. So, today we aim to share tips for buying rugs.


how to choose a rug


Tips for Buying Rugs


Measure the space.

Measuring the space you have is the first and most important step in choosing the right rug. Because if you do not have the dimensions of the space for a rug, you will definitely get the wrong one. Moreover, at the store, some rugs seem bigger or smaller to us.

measure the space you have to choose the right rug


Choose the style.

We are here to tell you how to choose a rug. But our duty is not to point you in a direction. We will not tell you which style you should pick. So think about the style of your home. Is it modern, minimalist, vintage, or classic? You should pick the right rug according to the style of your room. You should inform the store employees of your current furniture and accessories.

choose the style


Search for material types.

Most of us do not know how to choose a rug made of high-quality material. Of course, you should try to stay within your budget. But sometimes the quality is a bit more expensive. In order to use your rug for years, you should give importance to material types. For example, materials like silk, cotton, or wool are more expensive than synthetic fiber rugs. Because these materials are more durable. However, it is not easy to clean these natural fiber materials. Therefore, if you have kids or pets, you should consider buying synthetic rugs.

Almost Finished!


Consider foot traffic.

You may question why you should consider foot traffic. Here is the answer: You will choose the right rug according to foot traffic. For example, low-pile rugs with flat weaves are perfect for high foot traffic. Because it is easy to clean this type of rug. On the other hand, you should choose high-pile rugs if you have low foot traffic. You do not need to clean your high-pile rug every day. Of course, your rug will get dirty, but a few cleanings will not bother you.


Plan how to clean.

You seek an answer for how to choose a rug. But before buying a rug for your room, you should plan how you will clean your rugs. For example, from time to time, vacuuming or cleaning will not be enough. You will need a deeper cleaning. So, in that case, you will have three. You can wash your rugs yourself. Or you can ask carpet cleaning companies to wash them, which may be a bit expensive if you have several rugs. And the last option is to wash your carpets in the washing machine. The last option requires rugs that can be cleaned in washing machines. Therefore, before deciding on the rug you will buy, consider your cleaning plans. And ask store employees about cleaning conditions.


Buy a rug with a pad.

We are sure that you have experienced sliding rugs at least once in your lifetime. Sliding rugs can be a nightmare for us sometimes, especially if you have a rush, kids, or pets. Therefore, we suggest you buy a rug with a pad that will prevent sliding. But if the rug you love does not have a rug pad, you can buy these pads separately and sew them under your carpet easily.


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