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How To Install A 70 Square Meter House?

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A small apartment of 70 square meters, which we used to see as a small apartment in today’s conditions, can be called a standard room for two rooms and a living room. In our age, housing prices in the city rose and therefore, housing prices started to shrink. However, flats in this size can also be perfectly stylish and comfortable with the right layout and the right decoration. In spite of the disadvantages such as the fact that it has a size of 70 square meters and can be used relatively less than natural daylight due to its location in the neighborhood, we will design a stylish house with spacious and sophisticated decoration thanks to the right design.


You can create a spacious environment by combining the kitchen, a dining room next to the kitchen, and the living room next to the dining room. White-colored lacquer lacquered and completely flat surfaces are preferred in the kitchen cabinets which can be made in one row, which makes the area look more spacious than it is.

Dining room

White color can be preferred in this area. Thanks to the intense white color used on the walls and the furniture, and also by creating strong lighting, we can avoid the gloominess of the spaces. However, it is necessary to be aware that the white color should be broken at some point. In some places, dark gray and anthracite colors can be used.

Living room

The living room is extremely simply decorated if a library is built along a wall. Colorful backs of books and vivid green plants bring color to the space elegantly.

Chalkboard Wall

Anthracite walls can be used behind the white-colored dining table and chairs.
This wall, which is used for breaking intense whiteness, can be used as a chalkboard which is one of the most trendy decoration elements of our day.






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