How To Install An 80 Sqm Home?


We know that small house decoration is difficult. You may be contemplating where to put the item. What do you think I can fit into an area of 80 square meters? Do not worry! We plan to make your work easier by giving great decoration and design ideas for small houses. Although the plan and design of the 80-square-meter house are small, you can show your home with an incredibly spacious design. For the decoration of the house, you can use the walls in the most convenient way and fit the worlds into small rooms. Remember, houses may look much bigger and cooler than they are with beautiful decorations.  In general, houses in the middle-eastern and northern Europe are generally very small compared to the East. There are several reasons for this: The weather is really cold, and the house should be easy to heat and cost-free. The smaller the house, the easier it is to heat it. Since we experienced the industrial revolution and the socialist period, all women work outside the house like men.  Therefore, it should be easy to clean the houses. The features used in the design of the 80-square-meter apartment can be beautiful.


Spacious lounge with dining room, kitchen, and living room

There are many decoration solutions that you can use to show a house wider than it is. These include open space use, large windows, light colors, large and furniture and accessories, contrast and reflective surfaces in floor and ceiling colors. For example, outdoor use can transform an 80-square-meter apartment into a very spacious and spacious-looking home. The bathroom has no door in the house except the balcony and the main entrance door. Although this feature is not very useful for crowded families, it is a solution that will refresh the house for those living alone.  The spacious hall of the house connects directly to the bedroom with a spacious hallway. The dining room, kitchen, and living room is the most spacious area of the house as a planned lounge.


Advantages of open spaces

The white light can be used against the backdrop of the house, which is comfortably lit by the open rooms and has great freshness.  The furniture and accessories were again followed by light colors and a modern design approach. In this way, the house creates a hearty atmosphere.


A spacious hallway

There is a spacious and spacious corridor that connects the bedroom and the bedroom with entrance door and the bathroom door. The open corridor makes a great contribution to the lightness of the house.  The large windows in the living room and the kitchen and in the bedroom are the main source of this illumination.