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How To Make a Sparkle Ball Light

Every year during the festive season you visit the market in search of unique accessories to decorate your home. But all these come with a short life, yet high price. We have come to you with a cool idea of crafting Sparkle Ball Light that will not only embellish your party place, but is also very reasonable to afford.

To make this piece of decoration you will need a set of 50 plastic cups, Christmas led lights, a stapler and three holders. Make a hole at the bottom center of each cup, big enough for the LED lights to be easily passed through.

Initially, take 12 cups and staple them alongside in order to make a circle. Repeat this step with nine cups. You may use the holders to keep the cups intact, staple them next to each other and also with the first circle. This step is repeated again, but with four cups now. With this you are able to complete one half of a globe.

Insert the LED lights through the cup holes and repeat the whole process for crafting another half. At the end, staple both halves to make it a complete globe like structure. You are ready to light it up. By Gaspar Muniz

How To Make a Sparkle Ball Light[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiaYtBIkswM&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]