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Ideas for Designing around your TV in your Living Room

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Incorporating a TV into your living room can feel like a difficult task as it’s such a dominant feature that will draw the eye in from all angles. Therefore getting the balance right and optimising the surrounding decor is a good idea to help it feel like a part of the room, and to stop it from standing out too much.
We’ve come up with a few ideas for designing and decorating around your TV in your living room so it will soon look like a great addition to the space rather than just a necessary add on.

Mount it to the wall and ‘frame’ it

Putting your TV on the wall is a great way to save space and to avoid having to have things like entertainment centres. If you want to make your TV look a bit better on your wall, however, a great idea is to buy the outside of a frame (or buy a frame and take the glass and back out of it) and ‘frame’ your TV, so it almost looks like a piece of art work on the wall! Why not go bold with a neon frame and use other smaller ones around it for your favourite photos?


Make your own shelves around it

Again, if you don’t want a whole entertainment centre, you could mix it up a little by installing a few shelves surrounding the TV instead. You can buy shelves really cheaply from places like IKEA and you can really make the look your own. This will fit the TV in with the rest of the room a bit more as it won’t look so out of place.
Hide it from view using a bit of clever DIY
When all else fails, or if you’re really not liking having it on show (particularly if it’s really modern and you prefer a more traditional, vintage decor) why not hide it? Units will doors on are a great idea for this, or you could even DIY your own with things like old doors, just like this crafty person did on Pinterest.


Surround it with pictures and photos

Make it feel like a true piece of your wall art by surrounding it with other things you and your family love, such as photos and pictures of all different sizes. You could even experiment using different colours and textures to achieve a really interesting and busy look.

Display it on a shelving system

If you’re strapped for space, a corner shelving system is a good idea, and you can even get curved TVs now which amplify this viewing experience further. And by shelving system, we don’t necessarily mean one that is dedicated to TVs. You could even use things like bookcases which look really great, and the bonus is that they’re often much cheaper, too. They’re perfect for displaying lots of things as well as your TV too which is great if storage space is limited.


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