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Innovative iPhone Shoes

3D printing technology has gotten more and more popular the past few years. Trying to combine art, fashion, 3d printing and product design, Alan Nguyen, designer of Freedom of Creation created the iPhone Mashup Shoe. These incredible shoes were first exhibited at Milan Design Week 2012. Since then, they got the attention of many people because of their unique design that is a mix of several patterns and textures and because of their capacity to hold an iPhone. Mr. Nguyen says that he created the shoes in order to test copyright principles. The iPhone shoe is a “mash up” and that means it carries other designers’ case designs along the base of the heel. If you love extravagance these shoes are a must, not only for their innovative design but also for their multiple usability and not to mention that they offer the same protection and style as normal shoes do. Would you wear these? More than that, would you hold your iPhone in them?