11 Inspiring Designs That Look Simple at First Glance but Can Create a New Era in Your Life

1. This pizza box that can turn into a bed stand.

2. “The hotel where I stayed in China gave me this card. So when I take a taxi, the cabbie will be able to take me straight to my hotel.”

3. The restaurant in the ski resort has a compartment where you can put gloves and hats on the chairs.

4. This compartment that makes you not get wet when opening the shower.

5. These apparatuses placed on the box to keep the pizza flat.

6. There’s a piece under the food spatula. That way, even though the spatula is dirty, it’s not worth the counter.

7. Umbrella locking area for those who do not lose their umbrellas.

8. This digital clock, which you can see the time on the 3 sides in the hotel room.

9. This sewing box that eliminates the problem of threading.

10. This shower head that shows the color of whether the water is hot or cold.

20. This design fixtures that allow you to sit.

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