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10 Unusual Room Design Ideas

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It is said that there is a subtle line between creativity and madness. In other words, the more creative designs a designer creates, the crazier his works become. When designers move away from basic design, things like this can come up.

Sea Ring House


The Mexican architect Javier Senosiain must have been inspired by Lewis Carroll when he was designing the Sea Helix House. The Sea Helix House is a fully functional house from the outside and inside. Even though the family that lives in it must be dysfunctional. The genius of Senosiain is even more magnificent when visitors enter the House. There is a reason not to get out of the room of a closed sea Helix. If it’s good in there, why would it come out?


Japanese Hotel

Love hotels describe a Japanese phenomenon that refers to hotels designed for love. Rooms are tried to be placed in the way customers dream. There are a total of 30,000 to 40,000 hotels in the country. Photomuhabir Misty Keasler has been tasked with reporting many different hotels with the subject of the Love Hotel and presenting them to the readers in a picture.


Snow Hotel

The Snowman hotel stands out among the others. At least one of the rooms contains ice images decorated with surrealist elements. For example, instead of a small coffee table, there is a large handkerchief box. Although it is not clear that the strange thing in the bathroom could be frosty’s terrible cousin, the company Plaza Angelo Group, owned by Snowman, also owns other hotels that offer the same cold experience to the customer. The names of these hotels are Snowforest, Red Snowman, planet Snowman, and Milky Snowman.


Hang Nga Guest House

Vietnam has been quite relieved since communism was buried in the ashes of history. Hang Nga guest house, also known as the ‘crazy house’, is a big step in this sense. The design of the guest house belongs for the Vietnam President’s daughter, Hang Nga, in 1980. The guest house in the town of Dalat can be rented by tourists. It is possible to ask for non-smoking rooms. Who wants to smoke while he’s in an architectural hallucination?







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