typewriter artist James Cook

James Cook is the Recreator of Famous Paintings with His Typewriters


You know what is still great to hear: the creative artists. It is the 21st century, and we are used to hearing AI-generated art. But, still, there are artists who are passionate about creating art by themselves and finding fascinating ways to express themselves. We are glad that we discovered James Cook, who is a 27-year-old typewriter artist.


James Cook is from Braintree, Essex, UK. In his 27-year life, he has produced over one hundred typewritten drawings. It is difficult to find a proper typewriter these days. However, the young artist has approximately thirty typewriters, which date from the 30s to the 90s. The talented artist, James, uses the typewriter to produce his artwork of buildings, portraits, and objects for musicians, celebrities, or TV presenters. You can also buy his artwork online.


The Inspiration of James Cook

It is great to know that James shared so much about how he started art on a typewriter. The typewriter artist studied A-level art. During that time, he learned how the artists successfully incorporated technology into their artwork. Later, he found out that Paul Smith’s works were created on typewriters. The young artist James Cook got his inspiration from the famous artist Paul Smith and started producing artwork on typewriters.

The typewriter artist, James, stated that his favorite typewriter is a 1968 Olympia SG 3. Although the artist creates generally architectural works, he has recreated some of the famous works of artists such as Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Vermeer, etc. The artist stated that the aim of the recreation is “to remind people that some technologies never die.”.

The Artist on Social Media

James Cook has over 100,000 followers on social media. He shares how he draws paintings on a typewriter. And his followers are also active. Besides his artworks, the artist displays his typewriters in different colors.