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One Step Closer to Jetsons: Japanese Company Has Completed First Manned ‘Flying Car’ Test

There are more than 100 companies trying to make the dream of flying cars come true. However, very few of them managed to get people into the vehicle.

The Japanese company SkyDrive shared the footage of the manned test flight in early August.

It is aimed to be launched in the market in 2023.Tomohiro Fukuzawa, manager of SkyDrive’s flying car initiative, said he hoped the project would be implemented in 2023, but first it was important to secure the vehicle.

Unlike planes or helicopters, eVTOL vehicles (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) are in principle an easier way of personal travel.

It is stated that since these vehicles can fly automatically, they can save people from the cost of pilot rental and airport traffic.However, potential obstacles to the commercialization of vehicles are expected to include battery life, air traffic control and infrastructure.

SkyDrive, which started as a volunteer project, managed to receive funding from giant companies including Toyota, Namco and Panasonic.The project recently received a new fund of $ 37 million , including that of the Development Bank of Japan.