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10 Kitchen Decoration Ideas

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Kitchens always have an important place in our homes. There are actually many reasons for this. Kitchens are not only used for food preparation. It is one of the common, common areas for spending time with the family.
Basically, functionality is important in these spaces. There are many options you can choose from for furniture, accessories, systems, and lighting that you can use in the kitchen. Among them, there are alternatives to every taste, every budget.

Let’s take a look at how your kitchen will function as an important part of our houses and how to create aesthetic perception.



Kitchen Floor

When designing a new kitchen, one of the most important issues is undoubtedly ground selection. Here are the points to be noted. Some materials used on the floor provide better sound insulation than others. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the kitchen. That is, if your kitchen is located next to the bedroom or if there are people who are sensitive to sound, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue.
Another point is that if there are children or elderly among those who use the kitchen routinely, it is important to make choices that have little risk of slipping. Ceramic or flexible flooring with wood effect on color and texture will make your kitchen look hotter. If we want to capture a more sterile kitchen image, it would be more appropriate to focus on light ceramic or coating options.



Kitchen Walls

Wall colors and textures, which are the frame of the space as much as the floor preferences, are again an important issue. There are many materials and patterns such as ceramic, veneer, wallpaper, brick, wood, and mosaic. It is important to choose products that are appropriate to your concept and style in general.
Very effective, ambitious, sharp, remarkable drawings and textures are not the materials we recommend in kitchens. The simple, calm, warm and more refined texture is suitable for these places.


Lighting in kitchens

Lighting in kitchens is still an important detail. Very well planned. The ceiling height, the square meter, the number of windows, and the daylight in which the light is sufficient are calculated and the preferences should be made accordingly. In general kitchens with insufficient ceiling ceilings, it is necessary to use spot lighting as support. Particularly easy to use when making food, spotlights provide great support for general lighting, while also allowing you to use it locally in your kitchen. LED strip lighting types used under the cabinet, under-the-counter LED strip lighting types, moving tables located on the dining table, adjustable pendant lighting, and wall sconces also serve our comfort and aesthetic perception while serving in our kitchen. In general, we should consider our kitchens as one of the common areas of our living spaces, and we must select all the details, products, and materials we choose.







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