Kitchen Makeover for Summer 2013

Giving Your Kitchen A Makeover This Summer
Take on a fun seasonal challenge by giving your kitchen a makeover this summer. Whether you’re thinking of applying a new lick of paint or planning, installing a shiny new array of Kohler faucets, or something more elaborate, the advent of a new season represents a great opportunity to make funky changes to your home.
From lazy lunches to lighter nights, summer days call for celebration – so be sure to prepare your bar area accordingly. If you’ve been dithering over whether to install a breakfast bar then this could represent the perfect time to take the plunge and give your space a beautiful boost. A key advantage of the breakfast bar is the ease with which it can be transformed. The same white or pastel colour scheme can alternately appear demure or decadent with the simple passing of hours.
Any great bar needs its sidekick – and that’s where contemporary kitchen stools enter the equation. The three main factors to consider are style, comfort and practicality. The style should be consistent with the existing look of your kitchen or bar area. Wooden furniture and fixed height stools are an exquisite match for country-style kitchens while high gloss bar stools are sure to shine bright through day and night alike.
If you’d prefer not to commit to a complete bar, then why not try a bar table? Slimmer and similarly stylish to full bars, they provide a fab alternative to the norm. More compact than conventional bars, these items work extraordinarily well when it comes to providing your space with a fun new look.
Social gatherings might as well have been made for summer nights. In fact, hot weather can bring old friends together quite unlike anything else, while weddings and birthday parties take on a new dimension during the warmer months. Alongside this, the simple pleasure of inviting friends round for a few drinks helps hugely, with a new set of bar stools, like these from ‘Atlantic Shopping’ being perfectly suited to a post-BBQ beverage or two. When the sun goes down and you start to get chilly, simply head indoors for a couple of cocktails around the kitchen counter.
Of course, while a sense of the summary is obviously alluring, the best bar stools stand the test of time, retaining their charm through the seasons. Classic oak structures respond to the glow of snow with the same zealour they typically reserve for sunshine, making them a hot pick among those who revere all things rustic.
Reinventing your kitchen can almost be as much of a joy as sampling the fruits of the season itself. By giving your kitchen a makeover this summer, you can really set your summer off with a bang, putting a spring in your step over the most splendid of seasons.