Kreis Cup will change your perspective

Kreis Cup will Change Your Perspective to Coffee Mugs!


Forget whatever you know about the to-go coffee cup industry. Many people who have environmental concerns try to use reusable packaging. Because companies generally offer their customers disposable solutions, In recent years, because of increasing sustainability awareness, entrepreneurs have started producing eco-friendly packaging solutions. Today’s example is the Kreis Cup!

Kreis Cup will change your perspective

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Ricardo and Daniela are two native Columbians who are in love with coffee, which is not surprising. The two wanted to create a Kreis Cup to alternate single-use paper or plastic cups that are generally not recyclable. These two brilliant minds worked together with designers, engineers, and coffee roasters and came up with a coffee cup manufactured from used coffee grounds!

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What to Expect from Kreis Cups?

Kreis Cup is one of the great examples of sustainable, durable, and well-designed packaging. In addition, these cups can enhance your coffee routine. The cups are not available only in to-go style. You can also get reusable ones. Let us check out the special features of this cup!


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Coffee Kreis has been producing cups that are free from petroleum or other harmful materials. The company collects coffee grounds from coffee roasters. And use these grounds to produce Kreis cups!

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Who wants to throw such an incredible design and product into a wastebasket? Do not worry; you can keep your cup and use it whenever you want. Once the lifespan of the cup is fulfilled, you can comfortably let the cup integrate with the soil. The cup is 100% biodegradable!

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Daniela and Ricardo manufacture cups that are heat-resistant. You can keep your coffee hot longer compared to standard disposable coffee cups.

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Dishwasher safe

This feature is one of the most appealing to us. Because many cups made from glass, ceramics, or porcelain cannot be washed in the dishwasher, But you can safely wash your Kreis coffee cups in your dishwasher.

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In conclusion, if you are sick of environmentally harmful disposable packaging, you can give Kreis Cup a chance. Let us save our planet together!


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