Lap Mug

You know, designers have a use of exercising their imagination, they just make a brainstorm or draw whatever shape they can imagine and after that they try and see what it looks like, or if it fits with some needs that anyone can use. This type of exercise seems to be the same that Yve Thelermont and David Hupton from Thelermont Hupton did, and they managed to create a mug that is dedicated to those that love keeping their hot tea or coffee cup in between their thighs while sitting in bed or reading a good book. These guys decided their sketches would fit a mug that can be retouched so that it fits the body rather than the table and has a line that allows it to fit in any ones lap. In order for this to happen, the mug is slanted-bottom in such way that it can still be placed on a countertop at the suited angle for you to be able to pour the hot drink in it.BUY here