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Lego Dungeons and Dragons sets consist of 3745 pieces. Each piece offers a rich and immersive building experience.

LEGO Dungeons and Dragons will be on Sale on April 1!

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Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game designed by Gary Gygax. This game is so popular that over 50 million people have played it since its release. If there is something popular, LEGO is there. Lego Dungeons and Dragons will be at DND lovers’ service soon.

Dungeons and Dragons LEGO set Red Dragon’s Tale is a remarkable collaboration between the company and DND. This set is here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of D&D.


Playable Box Set Design

Lego Dungeons and Dragons sets consist of 3745 pieces. Each piece offers a rich and immersive building experience. In addition, it features a dynamic layout that includes a bustling tavern, a mysterious dungeon, and an imposing wizard’s tower.

The highlight of the LEGO Dungeons and Dragons set; however, is Cinderhowl, the majestic red dragon. This model allows for various poses and enables players to recreate thrilling encounters around the wizard’s tower. The set is designed not just for building but also for play.


DND set


Characters and Creators of LEGO Dungeons and Dragons

LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons includes six minifigures representing a diverse band of adventures. These adventures range from the stoic Dwarf Cleric to the nimble Orc Rogue.

Additionally, the characters, alongside iconic D&D monsters like the Beholder and Owlbear, bring the Dungeons & Dragons universe to life in form. Each figure is meticulously crafted and embodies the spirit and diversity of the D&D world. Lastly, Dungeons and Dragons LEGOs provide players with protagonists for their epic tales.


Custom Adventure

LEGO teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to integrate a custom D&D adventure. This collaboration has resulted in a unique narrative experience. In addition, it allows players to dive into a bespoke D&D campaign that complements the physical set.


LEGO Dragon


DND LEGO Set Community

The Red Dragon’s Tale The DND LEGO set is more than just a collection of bricks; it is an invitation to explore, rebuild, and imagine. Unlike typical sets for static display, this creation encourages ongoing engagement. Additionally, the Dungeons and Dragons LEGO Ideas set invites players to continually modify and expand their adventure landscapes. It is a celebration of the LEGO and D&D communities’ creative spirit. The set offers a platform for shared storytelling and imaginative play.


Lego bricks


Exclusive Events

For fans eager to dive deeper into the world of the Red Dragon’s Tale, the company is hosting special meet-and-greet events in Amsterdam and Milan. These LEGOs DND occasions offer the unique opportunity to have your set signed by Lucas Bolt, the visionary behind this remarkable creation. It is a rare chance to connect with the creative minds that bridge the LEGO and D&Ds universes, further enriching the experience for fans of both.

The LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons 21348 Set will be a monumental set that bridges the gap between two beloved realms of creativity. It is not just a toy, but a portal to endless adventures. If you are eager to get the set, the LEGO Dungeons and Dragons release date is April 1, 2024. The DND LEGO set release date will always be remembered!




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