THE LEX: An Instant Bionic Chair Anywhere!

The LEX: An Instant Bionic Chair, ANYWHERE!


I don’t know how often it happens to you but it happens to me most of the time when I get onto the subway and can’t find any seat to sit after a busy day or in a sleepy morning. If you have a heavy backpack then you have no chance but to cross with your luck! Not only subway but in any place that you know you would wait for a while, The Lex instant bionic chair can join you. The Lex is designed to offer you a place to seat on your journey, on a queue or even at work. It doesn’t only give you a seat but grants you a healthy sitting position and comfort. The more important thing about Lex is that you can wear and carry it with you thanks to its easy portable construction.

Lex is a wearable device giving you an instant rest anywhere. The device straps to your waist and the two aluminum legs at the back turns into a seat in 30 seconds so you can lean back and enjoy your ride. It sits around your waist and thighs and you don’t even feel it because it’s weight is just one-kilogram thanks to its aluminum construction. However, it can carry over 120 kilograms of weight easily. Opens with a simple push and voila your seat is ready for you! When you are finished sitting then you can slide up the legs to its designated zones and move on. Lex is actually very much preferred to use in a workplace because not only it provides an instant bionic chair but it offers a comfortable and healthy sitting by the arrangements with four points of the contract that correct your posture. So far i can say that Lex is a must for subway users like me!

THE LEX: An Instant Bionic Chair Anywhere! THE LEX: An Instant Bionic Chair Anywhere! THE LEX: An Instant Bionic Chair Anywhere! THE LEX: An Instant Bionic Chair Anywhere!