LG Mobile Printer

Sep 11 2013
1. Always conveniently pull the photos from a smartphone with wireless connection!
2.Edit with your style in pretty way through the dedicated app! With the application, not only the original photos but also variously decorated photos from smartphones can be easily printed. With the dedicated app, a better quality of photos can be printed.
3. Simply store the taken date, location, and memo of the photograph into the memory with QR code! By using Android Application LG Pocket Photo App, QR code and message can be added to the photo to be printed. Photos and videos can be shared in numerous methods, and they can be uploaded to SNS like Facebook and Twitter.
4. Wallet-sized special photo paper that does not need ink As a photo paper from Zinc Inc., Zinc’s ink technology that does not need ink means that no separate ink or cartridge is necessary, and this photo paper is a thermal type that does not have any ink smear. With its coated finish, waterproof, wrinkles, and tears are prevented.
5. Cute design that fits inside of the hand! 6. Pocket Photo Dedicated Application For Android OS-based smartphone, typing “LG Pocket Photo” to search in Play Store will allow downloading of the application.