Liquid Trees

Liquid Trees To Prevent Air Pollution?


As we were taught as kids, trees provide us with clean air. Taking in the CO2 and giving us O2 in return, they are vital for human survival. However, in the modern days this importance seems to be disregarded often. A lot of trees are cut down to create urban spaces. Combined with the dirty air created by motorized vehicles, lack of trees in urban areas results in a bad air quality index. And trees take long years to grow, we cannot just instantly grow a tree. But, there is an instant alternative: liquid trees! This technology is used in Belgrade, Serbia. These artificial trees are here to improve the air quality in the city! Let’s take a look at how they work…

What Are Liquid Trees?

Liquid trees, as we can tell by their names, are here to do what trees do. These machines with a green liquid inside can provide as much oxygen as a 10 year-old adult tree. These futuristic technologies can be an instant replacement for the lack of tree population in an area. Once a tree is cut down, there is no way of getting a new biological tree for years. So, liquid trees can provide a replacement during the time it takes for new trees to grow. But, how do these technologies work? The water tank inside the liquid tree can hold 600 liters of water. In this water, microalgae is grown. Which is a process that uses the CO2 in the atmosphere. This process combined with the photosynthesis by this green water provides cleaner air. 

Not Only Providing Clean Air

Liquid trees not only provide clean air but also serve as benches. Taking energy from the sun during the day to provide lighting. This light not only illuminates the environment but also provides photosynthesis at all times. The trees also provide power outlets so that you can charge your phone while you rest. They look like something out of a cyberpunk atmosphere…