traditional litter box vs smart litter box

Smart Litter Box: Time to Stop Worrying about Cleaning and Odor


It is great to have a cat friend in our homes. But when it comes to cleaning the litter box, sometimes we get frustrated. Especially when we are away from home, we always think about our friends’ comfort and the smell in the house. We have great news for you. Thanks to technology, you will no longer think about cleaning or odor. Have you heard about the litter robot? Well, there are many types of them that automatically clean themselves. We have listed some people’s favorites.


The Circle Zero

The Circle Zero smart litter box is a product of the Pluto Company. The box has sensors inside that detect your cat’s movements. After your cat exits the box, the Circle Zero starts cleaning itself and puts the waste in different trash cans. In addition to its cleaning abilities, the robot can detect your cat’s movements and save these entries into its system. when you want to track your cat’s health.


Whisker has many smart toys for our pet friends. This smart litter box has an application that you can download to your phone and a Wi-Fi connection. You can control the robot with your phone. The inside of the box works like a washing machine. The tank twists and the waste is taken into another tank. Moreover, the robot can eliminate odor. The Litter-Robot 4 can track your cat’s health and present you with a report. Whenever you want, you can check all the details that the robot has been tracking.


Leo’s Loo Too

Smartpear is a California-based company that has dedicated itself to providing a healthier and more comfortable life for pets. Leo’ Loo Too is the latest invention of the company. The self-cleaning litter robot has a large waste drawer with an odor-elimination system. The robot can connect to Wi-Fi and communicate with smart assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Leo’s Loo Too has a tank that can be twisted in order to clean the waste and separate the waste into different trash cans.