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January, 2016 (Long Island, NY) — For well over a decade, Lori-Girl Creations and its Founder and President Lori Miller have been THE Interior Design Company that can give you exquisite and high-end looks for a shoestring budget. Since its founding, Lori-Girl has helped a diverse clientele achieve their vision. With the integration of Miller’s listening skills and design knowledge she helps create unique spaces to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients!

Lori is available for comment as an expert and as a guest for any upcoming panels or programs

Miller founded Lori-Girl Creations, Inc. in 2000, and  holds degrees in both Interior Design and Psychology. She has been featured in various publications and in a variety of media segments both nationally and locally.

Lori believes that through her training in Feng Shui, Reiki, Native American Studies, Counseling, and Interior Design she can assist people in making positive lifestyle changes. Her view is that your environment impacts on your well-being and focusing on small changes can help to create a clear space through conscious choices.

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Initially starting out with a Masters Degree in Counseling, Lori covered the full spectrum of this field. Working with a variety of populations she landed a Unit Chief position in NY’s largest Prison System, Riker’s Island.  During her more than 10 years working with prisoners she accepted a part-time position in a wallpaper store while decorating her own house.  Pursuing her lifelong dream of painting and working in the arts and looking for a reprieve from the severity of life, this catapulted her talents and creativity.  Full steam ahead Lori knew that to enter the field of Design she would have to return to school. While receiving a Degree in Interior Design, with honors, she gathered the necessary experience working with various products, in showrooms, and with other Interior Designers.

Lori has also co-authored the book Feng Sh…What? The Basic Rules of Good Design with Julie Hernandez, a licensed therapist. This is the first book written in dialogue format which explains the decorating process. With an easy-going conversational manner, they take you on a journey that explores the unique relationship between personality and design. It is a colorful, picture-filled book which provides you with step-by-step instructions, checklists, design ideas, a color test and advice to help you gain insight into your own unique personality & style.

Now, as Lori-Girl Creations heads full-speed into the New Year, it’s the perfect opportunity for those looking to breathe new life into their commercial or living space through conceptual planning, aesthetic and technical solutions at bargain prices!