Luxury Business Van


We can say that this luxury Mercedes-Benz Van MVD 1296 is the perfect mobile office for people who are taking traveling to another level. It offers the perfect conditions for closing one of that big deals and impress your business partners. The very special and relaxing moments in a space that is designed to spoil will attract every person. Beautiful beige, high quality leather is covering the chairs from the back while small LCD tv’s are popping out from the ceiling of the van. Minibar, special lights and iphone chargers are just some of the details this van features. Not to mention the drawers under the seats, cup holders and the beautifully displayed champagne glasses are enchanting everyones eyes. Wouldn’t be nice to travel each time with these type of cars? Rich people do it and they love it. This van is available for rent. As bright and open as it looks in the inside and dark and elegant it looks on the outside.