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Studio of Maarten Baas

Design, Life and Furniture Series: Maarten Baas

May 20 2023
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Maarten Baas is a contemporary furniture designer. He has captivated the world with his unique and artistic approach to design. The artist has created a unique style that blends craftsmanship, innovation, and a touch of whimsy. His creations have become iconic displays of modern design, earning him a well-deserved reputation as an artistic visionary. The artist has several collections. We thought that you might be interested in his plans. Let us discover together!


Collections of Maarten Baas


Unleashing Creativity

Maarten Baas characterizes his designs by their playfulness and unusual aesthetics. Also, he embraces imperfections, intentionally infusing his pieces with a sense of handcrafted charm. Each creation has a different personality, inviting viewers to engage with them on an emotional level.


Schiphol clock

Smoke Collection

“Smoke” Collection is one of the most famous series of Maarten Baas. In addition, this collection includes classic furniture pieces, such as seats, chaise lounges, and dining chairs. As you can see, the artists transformed the pieces into charred, blackened masterpieces. The artist first set the furniture on fire and then coated it with epoxy resin. Also, this preserves the burnt appearance while ensuring durability. The result is a collection that evokes a sense of history, and the passage of time.


Smoke Collection by Maarten Baas


Clay Furniture Collection

Working with clay, Maarten Baas shapes each piece and allows the material’s organic nature to dictate the final form. Baas then coated the furniture with a fireproof finish, making it sturdy and functional. Then, the final form of the furniture displays a raw and vivid quality, celebrating the inherent beauty of the material itself.


The Empty Chair for Amnesty

Real-Time Collection

“Real Time,” Baas challenges our understanding of time. In addition, he created a series of clock-like objects featuring video projections of performers physically manipulating the clock’s hands in real time. Also, this fascinating blend of art and design challenges the traditional notion of how time is represented and experienced, leaving viewers in awe of Baas’s ability to push limits.


Real Time Collection by Maarten Baas

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