Simple and Festive Mason Jar lid Ornaments for Christmas Decoration

35 Easy and Festive Mason Jar lid Ornaments for Christmas Decoration


Christmas is the favorite holiday for almost everyone, there is no doubt about that. The popularity of the season and the concept of Christmas drive us to make it as good as possible. We buy presents, a Christmas tree and boxes of colorful ornaments for Christmas decoration. The same costs are repeated every year but in this article, we will give you some hints to save money and make your own ornaments that everybody would admire. You will still pay for the tree and the presents but why not making the ornaments yourself and save some money?

Don’t worry if you are not good at handcrafts. All you need is a few simple materials and bring them together. You can either use them in your house, school or even you can make personalized ornaments that you can give a friend as a present.

What we need to make our own ornaments for Christmas decoration is mason jars and lids. You can customize them as empty glass baubles but if you have small kids around and you are worried about their safety then don’t use the glass just use the lids. We still have ideas to turn the lids into a unique ornament.

Grab some lids, glue and strings in different colors and some buttons to use your imagination while bringing them together and make your own decorations in less than twenty minutes. Don’t forget to use some colors and sparkles too because it is Christmas!

1. Sparkling Star Mason Jar Lid Ornament

2. Mickey and Minnie DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

3. Candy Cane Mason Jar Lid Ornament

4. Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

5. Pine Roping Garland And Buttons Decorated Mason Jar Lid Ring Ornament

6. Mason Jar Lid Chalkboard Ornament