Masterpiece Wooden Bathtub

The more you get to know about wood and its source, the more you will understand the warmth and beauty it gives to your home. Wood brings the unique quality to your furniture, as you can be sure you are the only one in the world that owns that particular grain pattern, texture and splendor. Even a knot it may contain or other natural blemish, you can consider it the reason the entire wooden piece gets the beauty and character. You should know that wood classifies in either hard wood (leaf bearing tree) or soft wood (cone bearing tree). there are also very soft woods and very hard woods, depending on individual wood characteristics.
The Swiss manufacturer Alegna, that has many years of experience in yacht building came up with an elegant bathtub made of wood. The design manages to reflect the running water with the soft curved and stable form. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a relaxing bath.
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