Mercedes Benz Drive Pilot

Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Drives Itself


We started this week with great news. Mercedes-Benz became the world’s first company in the automotive industry to introduce SAE Level 3 conditionally automated driving. Nevada, US, confirmed the system according to state regulations.


The SAE Level 3 system will allow the driver to take control of the vehicle whenever necessary. The company calls this driving system Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot. The company stated that after Nevada, they aim to expand to California within 2023. With the first cars delivered in the second half of 2023, Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot will be available in the US market for Mercedes-Benz S Class and EQS Sedan models.


Driver plays game in Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Mode


Up to 40mph

In high-density traffic and suitable freeway sections, Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot can take over the driving task. The speed of the vehicle will be up to 40 mph on a dynamic driving task. In order to give control to the car, the driver should press the buttons on the steering wheel rim. When the driver activates the system, the car will control the distance and speed. The system takes into consideration the lane, traffic signs, and route. In addition, the system reacts to sudden traffic situations and can handle these situations independently.


inside and outside of Mercedes-Benz


Redundant Systems of Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot

The Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot system’s top priority is safety. Therefore, the company added several sensors for safe automated driving. The sensors are LIDAR, microphones, cameras, and a road wetness sensor. If a vehicle has the optional Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot system, the car also has redundant steering, redundant on-board electrical systems, and braking actuators. These redundant systems keep the vehicle maneuverable.


If the driver cannot take back control in time, the system applies the brakes and keeps the car on standby. Moreover, once the car puts itself in standby mode, it activates the emergency call system and unlocks the doors. In this way, the driver will be safely accessed by the first responders.

Redundant system of Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot



Reduntant System




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