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Narrow Long Living Room Decoration

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We start with the hardest. Decorating narrow spaces does not give you much choice in terms of choice of power and furniture. If you have a living room like this, the best thing you can do is simply tile the place as much as possible, select the color of the room, and keep it tidy all the time.

The first criterion should be the architectural condition of the living room. So The Shape of the hall, and the position of the window directly affect the decoration.

Little But Great Furniture

Because the available space is narrow, using multiple seats may show crowded halls by restricting the movement area. Instead, you can use a small number of furniture to better evaluate the salon. It must be big because you have a small number of items to buy. Trouble so you won’t have any.

​Dining Area

As your room is thin and long, you can consider part of the room as a dining area. In the example, we see an indented hall due to the architecture of the House. The smaller end of the hall is arranged as a dining area and this part is arranged efficiently.

Shelf On Sofa

In the hall, where wooden details stand out, a wall rack is placed on the sofa to obtain efficiency from the limited space. The wide wall shelf is used for both storage and decorative purposes.

Tree-Shaped Library

The small lounge has become unique with a single piece of furniture. Wood-made Wood-made Library is perfect with its design. Instead of furnishing the whole hall with luxurious pieces, you can make your living room attractive with a single original design.

Attractive Carpet

Dark tones in the decoration of the hall stand out in the style of ağdaş. The color palette of khaki and white is also used on the walls. The furniture is modern, but it doesn’t compete with each other. Black and white patterned carpet in the lead role can say.






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