Nike x Balmain Shoe design by Rickdick

Rickdick Surprised Us Again with the New Nike x Balmain Shoe Designs

Feb 2 2023
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Here we are again! Every day, the designers successfully surprise us. We came across a really fantastic Nike x Balmain shoe design. The artist Rickdick designed these shoes on the artificial intelligence platform Midjourney. At first, many followers, including us, thought the shoes were actually real. But after checking deeply, we regretfully learned that the shoes are not on the market.



When you first see the shoes, you may think that the style is like something from the past. Yes, you are correct. The designer added some Rococo style to the shoes. In order to enlighten you more, let us learn what the Rococo style is. The architectural wave simply embodies elegance, light, and natural elements. As you can see on the shoes, the style is so successfully used that even if it is not your style, you keep looking at the patterns.



Besides the designs of Nike x Balmain, the artist inspires us with how wonderful would it be if Nike and Balmain companies actually collaborate. They would create a wonderful collection, and as consumers, we would love to wear those designs.



On Rickdick’s social media accounts, many female followers ask for the production of these shoes. Some of them actually wrote that they cried for these shoes. So, we are sure that both companies will consider producing the Nike x Balmain shoe collection in Rococo style.



More about the Designer of Nike x Balmain Shoes

Rickdick is a widely known designer. Since the beginning of his journey, he has never lost his creative side. He places famous figures in his designs using artificial intelligence. He not only designs shoes but also creates designs in every industry. Some of his designs are also ironic. It seems the designer follows the fresh news in order to reflect it in his designs.






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