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Now Watch Will Help You Stay in the Moment

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You feel that your mind is full of unnecessary things that cause anxiety in your soul? Do you need to clear your mind? Do not worry, because you are not alone. All you need is to stay in the moment and realize what is going on around you. These activities are now called mindfulness. There are many exercises for being mindful. We are not here to share mindfulness exercises with you. We are here to share the Now Watch, which shows the now time.


The Story of Now Watch

Now Watch Company has two warehouses to serve customers around the globe. The first warehouse is in Michigan, so send watches to America and Canada. The second warehouse is in Poland to send the cargo to Europe and other countries. The founder of the company, Greg, states that he is a big fan of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”. He has many reasons to start the Now Watch project, but this book is one of his leading reasons.


Now Watch is not a startup currently. Around the world, there are over three thousand customers wearing the “Time is now watch”. People wearing this watch wake up at “now”, eat at “now” and sleep at “now”. If you would like to stay in the moment mindfully, you may try the mindfulness watch.



Besides all the reasons why you should get a Now Watch, you may like to support people in the Dominican Republic. Greg is a Polish citizen living in the Dominican Republic. He would like to support people there with his entrepreneurial venture, Mindfulness Watch. To stay in the moment, supporting people in need is also a great help.



Here is the philosophy of the “time is now watch”: the present is precious. If you would like to create a better version of yourself, stay in the moment with Now Watch.



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