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Paperboyo Has Brought a Breath of Fresh Air to Paper Art


The Instagram artist paperboyo, Rich McCor, has been cutting papers and creating silhouettes. His paper art is not limited to silhouettes. He takes photos of the silhouettes against various buildings and landmarks around the world. His paper cutouts complete the buildings in an artistic way. Although the artist does not describe himself as a photographer, his photos are works of art.


The artist paperboyo currently lives in London. So, basically, many of his paper art photos are in London. If you are a Londoner or London lover, you can check his profile. The start of posting paper art photos on Instagram seems like a coincidence. After Rich saw the pages of several artists, he decided to use Instagram as a gallery. But, in time, people discovered the artist, and he gained hundreds of thousands of followers.


The Process of Creating Paper Art


Creating silhouettes from paper art is not easy. Especially when Rich McCor tries to choose suitable buildings to create artistic silhouettes. But, in an interview, the artist stated that he has a fear of running out of new ideas. He has a different perspective for each building or piece of paper. So, we are sure that he will never run out of ideas.



According to Rich, paper art has been a kind of therapy for him over the years. He states that he puts on his headphones, listens to his favorite songs, and starts cutting the shape with his scalpel knife. And getting the final shape out of paper requires time. Sometimes he works all night long, but sometimes it does not take that long. Of course, he makes mistakes. Sometimes he makes so many mistakes that he must start over again and again. But making mistakes is part of every job or hobby. Lastly, Rich stated that his favorite paper art is the American football image with City Hall. You can check out the image below.