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Placing Lounge Set

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Lounges are one of the most important parts of our home since they are where we accommodate guests. Therefore, we meticulously set the lounge rooms. You will find how to place the following stuff in this article: The sofas, TV unit, carpets, middle table, dinner table, and showcase.


The Sofas and the TV unit as the Main Parts of Your Lounge Set


In general, we draw the biggest rectangle in our lounge with our eyes and put our sofas on the three edges of this rectangle by giving some paddings from the edges. Then, the TV unit is placed on the fourth edge of the rectangle so that all people who sit on the sofas can watch the TV easily. However, that is not a certain rule, feel free to use your originality to replace your sofas and TV unit.


Carpets and Middle Table


After the sofas, it is most of the time obvious where you place your carpet and middle table. The middle table, as the name suggests, is put in the middle of the sofas. If you have a large lounge and you love carpets you can use two of them: one is middle of the sofas and one is under the dinner table.


Where to Put Dinner Table


After drawing the largest rectangle with your eyes, generally, the second largest area is used for the dinner table if your lounge is large enough. If you do not have a place for that, it is not compulsory to have a dinner table in your lounge. Kitchens are also sometimes awesome to have dinner!


Showcases as a Part of Your Lounge Set


After placing all others, you can start skimming over the room. Sometimes, you can immediately find where to put your showcases but in case you could not, then, you can have a glance at the corners. Once you have done with your showcases, you can enjoy your lounge or you can hide them for your guests.







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