Recommendations For Small Kitchens


In small and narrow spaces, practical ideas make a difference in decoration. The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas of the house. Kitchens are a place where many items, devices and junk are stored. Kitchens can usually have a smaller or narrower plan than other areas of the house. You can make a difference in kitchen decoration by combining different styles and styles.


Be innovative


You can use new and practical ideas to design your kitchen as needed. In small kitchens, you can evaluate decorative wall shelves or functional wall decors to save space from the floor space. The use of bar in the kitchen can be used as a multi-purpose bench or table during preparation and eating.



Convert to art

The decoration of the kitchen can be quite laborious as it is quite a pleasant task.

You can pay attention to the material, texture, or color harmony according to the style and style to be applied when organizing the cooking-preparation-eating areas as required.



U – shaped bench

It is very functional to design kitchen countertops on the walls, both in terms of the use of the countertop and more kitchen cabinets in terms of storage.



Storage areas by product size


You can design kitchen cabinets, shelves, or drawers based on the size of the kitchenware or product to be kept.



Regular lighting

It is very comfortable to work in a kitchen with natural light. It also offers a bright and spacious atmosphere for your dining tables. With the correct use of lighting accessories in small kitchens, you can provide a wider and more spacious look.



Textures and patterns

If you want to add movement to your kitchen, you can evaluate the style and style of patterns or textures with regional wall coverings.