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Rectangular Living Room Decoration

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The laying of small living areas is always more difficult compared to the decoration of living areas with large square meters. As a result of the expansion of small apartments especially in big cities, furniture production has been designed to be compatible with small areas. Designing small living spaces with modular furniture is now much easier than before, and our options are quite a lot more. Today, rather than the size or size of the rooms, the main element that determines the decoration style and highlights the points that need to be considered is the architectural forms of the rooms. Rectangular forms come at the top of the architectural forms that are most challenged when selecting furniture or when designing furniture. The fact that the social living areas, such as the living rooms, and the central living spaces, which are widely used, are designed in a rectangular shape makes us very compelling. The reason for this is of course that long and especially narrow living rooms have the risk of creating a dismal and narrow tunnel effect if they are laid with the wrong furniture and decoration choices.

It does not mean that long and thin rooms cannot be designed with pleasant and comfortable decorations. There are many decorative methods that can help to minimize the effect of this tunnel we are talking about when decorating rectangular halls

Create a comfortable corridor

In a long and narrow room, creating a comfortable passageway for people to pass is one of the most important points. This a very important point for any room, but especially in the case of a narrow area, especially in a more challenging decoration can occur.  If possible, construct this passage corridor so that it does not center the short edge of the room, but leans on the corridor.

Don’t lean against everything

One of the biggest and most common mistakes made when designing narrow or small living spaces is to put all the furniture on the walls. This move made to keep the living space more crowded does not make the room more spacious. When the furniture on one side moves away from the wall on the other side, both a wide walkway and a more intimate and modern aesthetic will emerge.

Use without corner parts

If you want to create smoother transitions and a warmer and more spacious look while you create your rectangular living room decoration, then you can choose a rounded, oval, round pattern when choosing furniture and accessories.

Triple sofas instead of L seats

When we design rectangular living rooms, we think of a triple sofa that is instinctively placed parallel to the long edge first. Yet this is one of the moves that will create a gloomy and suffocating tunnel effect in the room because a long sofa will highlight the long wall in front of it. When choosing furniture, we can say that L-shaped corner sets are the most ideal seating groups, especially for rectangular lounges. With their L-shaped structure, these couches attract not only the long wall, but also the shorter edge, and they attract us to the empty space in the middle.






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