Self-Cleaning Curtain


Although curtains are a serious need for the house, we have encountered so much in time that it has become accessory and complement of our homes as well as being needed in time. Curtain selection is a very important task for women selected curtains for both our house and our goods should be compatible with both of us and should be useful. So you shouldn’t kill most of the time with problems like washing.  If you are one of those who think in this way, we can say that you are living in very lucky times. Today, the development of technology is not only in the field of informatics, but of course, the developing technology in the textile industry also has a rapid impact.


Nano Cleaning for Curtains

In this period when we entered the winter months, especially because of the reason for the business or because of the general feature of the kitchen having a continuous pollution potential curtains are one of the most care-seeking household equipment. Nanotechnology-developed self-cleaning roller blinds and curtains today are very popular. Thanks to the developed feature, these curtains with the feature of self-destruction of the blinds or blinds are progressing towards becoming the favorite of the ladies. These curtains were produced using Nanotechnology for the first time in the world. During the experiment, stains were created with oil, wine, and other products. The stains are cleared by daylight, so it is a good measure against the water shortage that will make itself more and more visible in the world over time. These curtains and roller blinds models, which will attract women’s interest, increase their diversity day by day, and organic pollutants and bacteria on the surface are destroyed with the use of daylight and oxygen and water vapor in the environment. you will enjoy the time remaining to yourself.



For example, the curtain has been stained because it uses sunlight, the light in the home environment.
This stain disappears as long as it sees sunlight. You don’t need to wash the curtain. Thus, a measure against the thirst that threatens the world.

Intense interest in Europe

In Europe, he has received incredible demands on the subject. The product was recently introduced at the Belgian Decosit Fair. The product, which is a very important invention for the world, began to attract great interest.