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10 Small Bathroom Ideas

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One of the most common problems of those who care about home decoration nowadays is to evaluate small areas in a stylish, modern, and functional way. The biggest reason for this is of course that the number of square meters in large cities is becoming more crowded and the number of houses is increasing day by day. However, living in small houses of course does not mean that we cannot have stylish, modern, and eye-catching decorations. The bathrooms are often relatively small and can be smaller than other living areas. Inspirational and functional decorating ideas for small bathrooms are a much more common need.


More useful bathrooms

  • When choosing a cupboard unit under your countertop, choosing functional drawers instead of standard cupboards creates a more modern and convenient storage space.


  • Keep in mind that getting out of standards always works! You do not have to choose your bathroom cabinet from the wall-mounted bathroom models.
  • Towel holders integrated into the bathroom counter create a very smooth and stylish appearance.
  • Instead of narrowing your shower area with extra soap dishes, you can create openings in the form of niches.



  • Closed cabinets are useful in terms of storage space, but they are narrower than they are.
  • Closet doors that prevent your laundry and your machine from creating a mess are also a great idea.
  • Getting out of standards is not only applicable to furniture, of course. If the architectural features of your bathroom do not meet the standards, then follow it!
  • You have heard that black will drown smaller areas and therefore should not be used, but this is not always true!  Textured wall applications add black depth with adequate contrast and accurate lighting!



  • If you have a narrow bathroom, we do not recommend using a framed mirror. Wide and frameless mirrors provide a modern aesthetic and refreshment.
  • Narrow and small space also means a dim atmosphere. However, illuminating the interior shelves is one of the perfect ideas that will refresh this gloom.
  • You can create storage areas that do not narrow down the space by placing different colored box-shaped shelves on different walls.






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