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Stone Sculptures by Hirotoshi Ito

Maybe you were one of those children that when playing in the streets with friends always said “you should not hit the rocks for they have a soul of their own, and they can get hurt.” But even if you were never thinking like this as a young individual, you will find this idea of art that Hirotoschi Ito is presenting to us, at least interesting to watch. His work on these stones, is done in his spare time, when he isn’t working on the masonry business of the family. He manages to work in such way on these rocks, with such details that it gets very hard to believe that there is a hard material you are seeing. He’s got this ability of making rocks look like they’re melting or that they are skinned pouches or even laugh letting you see all of their teeth. These sculptures with all the material and the playful forms they get in the end, are demonstrating to us what a high level of sense of humor has the artist Hirotoshi, and also the fact that he’s discovered one secret of a happy living.