superhero bookshelves

Superhero Bookshelves are Ready to be Mounted on Your Wall


Are superhero fans here? What about bookworms who are also superhero fans? We have exciting news for you. To be honest, the Turkish designer Burak Dogan has fantastic news for you. Because he has been designing superhero bookshelves. Imagine you have a Captain America bookshelf in the center of your room. We liked the idea and came here to let you know about these superhero bookshelves.


Burak Dogan is a Turkish industrial designer. He has created these awesome and super-cool bookshelves to transform your room. We think that current bookshelves are either too classical or without a soul. When we first saw these superhero bookshelves, it was mind-blowing. The designer created these bookshelves either from iron or plywood as far as we learnt. Other than his current designs, if you let him know about your ideas, he can create whole different bookshelf designs. Let’s check what he has created so far.

Captain America

Captain America is one of the strongest superheroes in Marvel Entertainment. This wall-mounted bookshelf is one of the coolest designs of superhero bookshelves.

Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect for this character, isn’t he? If you are a Dr. Strange fan like us, this bookshelf made from plywood will be perfect for your room.

Star Wars

Star Wars is a classic for science-fiction lovers. We have not met a person who does not love Star Wars yet. Look at the beauty and charisma of this superhero bookshelf!


Avatar is not a typical superhero movie. Because it centers on one superhero and one plot. Although the series has only two movies so far, it has become one of the most loved and watched movie series. So, having an Avatar bookshelf would be great.

Wonder Woman

Burak Dogan has created an iron Wonder Woman bookshelf as well. Wonder Woman is no doubt one of the favorite superheroes of the world. Besides, we think this design is one of the most elegant superhero bookcases.