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Sweet Dress Made of 10,000 Candy Wrappers

The sweet dress took nearly 4 years and consumed about 10,000 candy wrappers in its making. The purse about 2,000. The wrappers used in this dress are that of the Starburst candies....

The Big Bag Theory

Here we have something interesting for you. A creative advertising campaign which  called “The Big Bag Theory”. Photographer and retoucher Lucia Giacani has done a good job. “From the Harrods website: In this...

Camp Daybed by Stephanie Hornig

Camp Daybed designed by Stephanie Hornig.The excessive upholstery and therefore required hard shells of a sofa make it a very bulky piece of furniture. The camp daybed is a sleeping bag with legs, on...

Interesting and Unusual Shopping Bags

Collection of unusual and interesting shopping bags. via

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