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Sweet Dress Made of 10,000 Candy Wrappers

The sweet dress took nearly 4 years and consumed about 10,000 candy wrappers in its making. The purse about 2,000. The wrappers used in this dress are that of the Starburst candies. Emily took the help of her family and friends to make this fantabulous dressp purse and heels. She first categorized them based on their colors and then ironed them neatly to remove any wrinkles. Once ironed these wrappers were folded to form links and make chains of candy wrapper.

An elastic thread was used by Emily to later stitch these links and chains to form the fabric for making the dress. Emily recalls that the idea for the dress from candy wrappers came when she was gifted a bag of the Starburst candy by her husband for the first time. He has been collecting the wrappers for Emily so that she can make this dress. The dress was displayed right next the table of gifts on their wedding couple of years back.