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Telescopic Bike Camper by Stefan Dauer

Designed by Stefan Dauer in 2014 as a space to sleep in and store his luggage while on tour in 2014, the Telescopic Bike Campers Trailer showcases simplicity and ingenuity. Stefan’s aim was to make the trailer as light and steerable as possible. Its simple design allows the user to extend the trailer from 1.1 metres to approximately 2 metres in length. This is enough space to accommodate a sleeping bag.

Sliding stands lock into place to keep the camper secure and the whole setup only takes around 40 seconds. It is also just as easy to dismantle and ride off with as it is to build.

Unfortunately, the trailer shown was just a prototype and never entered series production. It was sold into private ownership but there’s a chance you may see it being driven around if you’re ever in Germany.