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The Apple VR/AR Headset will be Announced During WWDC 23 in June

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Apple is a leading technology company that tries to be number one in every product category. There is a rumor that the company will reveal an Apple VR/AR headset called mixed reality. The company will add sports and exercise features to the headset. According to the rumors, Apple will announce this mixed reality headset during the WWDC 23 conference in June 2023. Upon the announcement of the gear, Apple will have been competing with Meta, PSVR, and other companies.


As Apple has not shared any information about Apple VR or AR gear, we have to check rumors constantly. The Financial Times reported that designers think that this gear is not suitable for Apple’s product range. In addition, according to whispers, the gear set is not ready. But Apple’s management pushes the designers.



The Verge

Expected Features of Apple VR/AR



People expect Apple VR and AR to be more like a VR headset, but the headsets should have several exterior sensors and cameras.

The headset should offer body tracking and involve users in real-world virtual space. In addition, the users expect the device to incorporate augmented reality.


Unlike the main competitor, Meta Quest Pro, Apple will not offer a headset to replace the real world. The users will use the mixed reality headset to view content, play games, or communicate.


The augmented reality headset will have 12 tracking cameras that will show the environment in front of the users’ eyes on two 8K displays.


According to the rumors, Sony has been making 4K displays with a 1.4-inch diagonal for Apple AR and VR. But on the other hand, the headset will feature LIDAR sensors. Nobody knows for sure which company will make the sensors.


The headset will allow users to respond to emails and stare at a speaker for music transfer.


Lastly, the users will be able to create their own apps even if they do not know how to code. Siri will help these users for sure.


Apple VR/AR headsets


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