the Knit 928

Porsche and Ken Kelleher Astonished Everyone with the Knit 928 Design


About 30.000 years ago, humanity started producing artworks in caves. Since that time, as human beings, we have been witnessing changes in the artwork. These changes always surprise us and also remind us that art has no barriers. We started this week by appreciating Ken Kelleher’s new design, the Knit 928.



The official Instagram account of Porsche shared the Knit 928, which is wholly covered with knitted patterns. The colors that Kelleher used are dark and light blue, green, pink, yellow, and red. Social media is divided into three after the post. The first group liked the creative design; the second group hated the design because they said it was for LGBT groups; and the third group found the design useless.




On its official Instagram account, Porsche indicated that the Knit 928 belonged to the Stick to Your Knitting series, but we have not found the rest of the collection. We assume that Ken Kelleher and Porsche will share other knitting examples in time.

 The artist Ken Kelleher also shared earlier knitting examples of the Porsche 718 before. There are many people who would like to see the designs with their own eyes. However, neither Porsche nor Kelleher indicated where the car is now.



About the designer of the Knit 928

Ken Kelleher is a successful American sculptor. He graduated from the Department of Art at Alfred University. After college, his working career started at Hudson Studio. Later, he became a creative director in advertising. He created many series of abstract sculptures. Today, Kelleher lives and works with his wife, who has a full-time studio practice. In addition to his knitting series, Kelleher has formed partnerships with many companies and countries for abstract sculpting. He has pieces in Alfred and Buffalo, Qatar, China, and Indonesia. The artist also has a collection of small pieces. These small pieces will be available soon in Miami.




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